12 May, 2010

The long and the short view. Walking around Ungardening Pond

M’sieur Chocolat frequently brings us presents. He is greeted by me wailing - What have you got NOW?! We try to rescue the presents. ‘Please, don’t bring all the garden inhabitants home to play’ But if he is considerate enough to bring them in - we do get a chance to photograph something we hear. A gentle splash as we approach the water, or an almighty din when the moon is out.

If you were to visit us. In the front door, across the living room to the verandah. You would look first at the pond, Pani's Falls. We have had some rain, the pond is full again after repairs.

The Ungardener is working on the bird feeder. Painted it blue, for me. Then they tell us snail pellets are blue so birds won’t eat them. Not a well-chosen colour for a bird-feeder? But the poisonous yellow or red of nectar-feeders for sun-birds, doesn’t work for me. Yuck!

Passing Paradise, the rose garden. Walking thru plum trees. Black Stork Island sits in the centre of the pond. And Chocolat knows that is where the frogs hang out. Sadly he has it down to a fine art, sneaking up on them, gentle splash. Damn! Foiled again!

Having walked around to the waterfall, you look back across to the jetty.

Behind Pani’s Falls is a future Woodland Walk. For now the shrubs and trees are shoulder/head height. I did try with scented Pelargoniums, but the delicate Died of the Heat, and Tough Took Over. That is another bit of this garden, where my eye and the camera, don’t see what my head expected. Pausing at Rest and Be Thankful to watch birds and enjoy the sound of the waterfall. We go to the ash planters and turn to look back again.

Because the frog is willing to pose, we can get details. Frog’s eyes in glue anyone?

These photos are trying to be moody. The Ungardener has the advantage of having used a real camera, an SLR, way back when we met. Now I am trying to learn about F stops and apertures and shutter speeds - to avoid the whited-out overexposed Strange coloured pictures we seem to get, if we use auto.

I am still frustrated by the fact that the human eye looks at the leaf up close, the tree over there, and the faraway mountain, and can focus on ALL three. The camera however, Must Be Told, We
Are Looking At That. Um, back track a second, did I really tell you to focus on that bare bit of fence, the neighbour’s washing, that empty bright blue plastic pot I was about to put away?!

Photos and words by Diana of Elephant's Eye


  1. I really enjoyed this tour, and I found the photos lovely. I'm glad you were able to rescue Mr. Frog from the attentions of M. Chocolat.

    I have been using an SLR for about 40 years, but I'm still trying to get the hang of the automatic and manual controls on the digital SLR I got two years ago. -Jean

  2. A lovely tour, Diana! And I loved your blue birdfeeder, even if the birds don't. I'm a huge frog fan and am delighted that M. Grenouille survived the attentions of M. Chocolat! I keep hoping that one of these years we'll see frogs in our own container water gardens. But meanhwile, we can enjoy them in our neighbor's in-ground ponds!

  3. Is your pond natural or man-made? I do envy you. It is beautiful.

  4. I second the motion about no poisonous yellow or red in the garden. I have a primary yellow play slide I get to look at everytime I peek into the backyard. I really have no choice: the eye is irresistably drawn to the yellow. Yuck.

    Blue is a much better choice for a bird feeder/house, in my humble opinion.

    Christine in Alaska

  5. Yes, the camera Must Be Told. And since we often have communication difficulties, my little point & shoot spends much time on 'auto'. :/

  6. I had no idea that birds don't like blue. Great tour of the pond, it looks lovely, little green frogs and all. I know what you mean about cameras, I too, am hopeless about f stops and all of that stuff. I know I should learn but I just find it tedious.

  7. That is a little bit of heaven you have created there for yourselves. I personally love the blue birdhouse and would (were I a bird) be honoured to hang out there :) Gorgeous frog, I trust he was okay and hopped back into the pond merrily (only to be caught again no doubt!) x

  8. Anyone found a good online tutorial? How to use your (&(%$%#@ digital camera?

    Ben - container water garden. Can the frogs get in? Or out again? Build a bridge with a gnarled dead branch?

    Pam - Natural pond?! That is our best compliment ever. If you click thru to the blog, LinkWithin is obligingly offering the 3 posts I wrote about the pond.


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