15 December, 2014

Goodbye Elephant's Eye and Blotanical, we are in False Bay

- gardening for biodiversity

That disconcerting feeling, something's off, wrong. Why can't I walk down the path? Why is there a TREE in the path?! Our neighbour's Australian acacia was rotten at the base and in the night came to rest gently on the wall, enfolding the last apple tree in its arms. I didn't realise till it was in our garden quite how much tree there was.

Acacia down in June 2013

The little apple tree returns

Neighbour Nico organised men to remove his tree. As neighbour Gielie once helped us bring down our pecan tree, so Jurg and his Land Rover went to help. Pulling on branches to untangle the tree as they chewed it down bit by bit. Till their back field was covered in a deep layer of felled branches.

Neighbours working together

Land Rover at work felling trees

I picked some bits for a vase near our grass Land Rover. Some species of Australian acacia??

Now the garden has a fresh same old same old

Australian acacia with grass Land Rover

It has been an awfully long slow drawn out process but we have finally sold our Porterville home. We hope, that the new people are looking after the garden for biodiversity in Porterville which we nurtured for 8 years. That the baby tortoise survives. That the birds are being fed.

baby tortoise at Elephant's Eye

Gentle reminder to the once were Blotanists who STILL have a link to Blotanical on their blog - it is simply slowing down the load time of your blog as the computer frantically searches for Blotanical? Blotanical!! Since June last year I've been hoping for good news, but both the original Blotanical and version 2 that half a dozen of us were testing have been mothballed by Stuart.

once were Blotantists?

If you are Blogger / blogspot and have your sidebar blogroll sorted by date, please do look at the older end, where I often see Muddy Boot Dreams 'Moved'. You are sadly missing Jen's new blog style, stories with heart and life happens to accompany the wonderful photos she has always brought us.

Elephant's Eye is no longer our home, a place. It is simply a blog which will fade away into memory. This is my final post here. The chapter is closed.

Wooden giraffe gazing at our False Bay garden

We, the Ungardener, Aragon, Chocolat and I, are now living in a new old garden on False Bay. After five years of blogging here, I invite you to journey with us to Elephant's Eye on False Bay. Please change in your preferred way of subscribing - email via Feedburner, or Feedly, or Bloglovin ... I welcome your comments on this post for the final week.

Pictures by Diana and Jurg Studer of  Elephant's Eye
(in Cape Town, South Africa)

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