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First Exotic plants. That is NOT South African, but mostly common-or-garden. Roses. We have about 20.

Invasive Alien - SEEK AND DESTROY - Paterson's Curse pretty flower? NO!! Echium plantagineum. Purple Viper's Bugloss



Some from the mediterranean climate fynbos region. Fynbos is the South African version of what California calls chaparral, The Mediterranean basin calls maquis or garrigue, Australia calls kwongan (EucalyptusMelaleuca, Acacia, Banksia and Hakea), and Chile calls matorral.

Tree - Acacia fever-tree-umbrella-thorn-mimosa-Port Jackson with shimmering lime green bark

Groundcover - Arctotis candida. Wild annual daisy harvester-ants-and-malmesbury-gousblom

Pond plant - Typha capensis. Common or garden  bulrush-or-bullrush

Words by Diana of Elephant's Eye


  1. Errr " Australia calls mallee scrub"
    the Mallee is inland territory.

  2. William - help me out and I'll edit it. I am simply quoting what I read. What would Australians call the vegetation that grows in a mediterranean climate, like our fynbos?


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