29 December, 2009

Waiting ... for Lunch OR Murder Most Foul!

A Victorian melodrama in three acts

(This was such fun to write!
 First posted on 24th August.)

Act 1. Waiting …

Meet the Assassin – a flower/crab spider Thomisus sp., dressed in his sombre business suit. Company policy allows only three colours - yellow, pink, or white (takes the spider only 2 days to change his suit, for the next “client”).

16 December, 2009

Little black dress at Peace

It is the festive season, what to wear? Amongst all the little black dresses and the flamboyant colours? A heavy silk, shimmering with a subtle sense of its quality, and with an understated slub. And what better to stand out in a sea of little blacks – than a few distinguished white polka dots. Think of Cecil Beaton’s costumes for Ascot in My Fair Lady!

04 December, 2009

Rothschild or Red Shield bugs

When I looked at our (Melianthushoney flower the other day, the leaves looked strange. Come a little closer. MASSES of beetles. Each one delicately marked, like a medieval knight in shining armour. Bearing the crest of their company enamelled on the back plate of their armour. Have seen one or two wander onto the roses, but they seem happy to devour the Melianthus. This is a plant which flourishes along streams, and benefits from me watering the rose garden. There is enough to share,  for the birds to have enjoyed the nectar, while the flowers were out. And for me to enjoy layers of wildlife gardening.

 My medieval knight in shining armour, with his Rothschild

01 December, 2009

Pink Promise

My pink roses have lots of leaves, coming, and buds for later. But there are just two flowers on minature Lavender Jade. I choose to mix my roses with lots of other plants. Indigenous/native as a first choice. I use blue/glaucous foliage to set off the variety of pink shades. Any colour, so long as it is pink. The planting  plan

A variegated Tulbaghia adds some vitality.

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My Canon PowerShot A490

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Midnight in Darkest Africa

Midnight in Darkest Africa
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