18 May, 2012

The Fifth in Dozen for Diana - shocking pink Pelargonium

In 2015 my pelargoniums at False Bay sadly no longer include this pickable shocking pink.

Looking back after five years of gardening at Elephant’s Eye, I am choosing my way to 12 plants. Building a virtual garden in a Picasa collage using the plants I have learnt to treasure. Not the must have, shiny new, love at first sight. But the enduring contentment of same old same old. Stays green or at least hangs in there thru the summer.  Returns each year, if it goes dormant. Blooms reliably for me each year.

Five in Dozen for Diana's virtual garden

11 May, 2012

May around our garden

Tucking Saxon Holt’s advice into my camera, I try to capture something deliberate.  Weaning myself off macros for today.

Looking from the front door

As we step out of the front door, we see once a polka dot effect, now the plants elbow and shoulder us.

04 May, 2012

Patch the Cape leopard and his collar at work

Jurg has been to Driehoek once more with the Cape Leopard Trust. Back in February he saw this klipspringer family.

Male klipspringer

Mother and baby klipspringer

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My Canon PowerShot A490

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Midnight in Darkest Africa

Midnight in Darkest Africa
For real time, click on the map.