29 November, 2010

November flowers 2010

A fresh Advent wreath in 2014

Towards the 25th of each month I wander the garden. We have been away for a week. How disconcerting to see a difference, only a week, but the front path closes over.

Blue sage

The garden is declining into summer dormancy. It presents a much gentler, hazy blue picture now.

15 November, 2010

An egg, young birds and photos by GINKs

We see and hear many young birds now. Teenagers who with their fluffy feathers are anyway bigger than mum and dad. Standing there with open beak, shimmying their wings. Yelling Feed Me Now!

European starlings bringing caterpillars

12 November, 2010

November, walk thru our garden

We have ten olive trees. The first two planted at the road. Those weird new English people – have underplanted with pig’s ears and Bulbinella and a bit of Dietes, and Agapanthus. Passersby stop, to look. Then we planted two pairs to cover our neighbours green shaded caravan and garage. A rustic trellis, and I will train the olives to a gentle espalier. We planted four between the post-box and the pecan and the heat wave hit them. Dead. But see, they are growing up again!


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Photographs are from Diana Studer or Jurg Studer.
My Canon PowerShot A490

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Midnight in Darkest Africa

Midnight in Darkest Africa
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