26 February, 2010

Flowers in February

Christmas collage, January and now February. Went around the garden today. Once the rain had stopped, and the clouds were starting to part. The flowers are spangled with raindrops. The roses have eaten their belated dinner, and were nicely pushing thru bunches of burgundy leaves, and fat buds. But that one very hot day has left ‘frostbitten/sunburnt’ brown leaves.

Left – Dainty Bess twice, Elizabeth of Glamis, Help Kids
Centre – Karoo Rose, Elizabeth of Glamis in bud
Right – Maverick, Alec’s Red, Burning Sky, Chaim Soutine

There are some flowers on the roses, and more to come in autumn after kind rain this week. (Slowly learning that what the old camera called Macro, the new camera calls Supermacro. And what the new camera calls Macro, is driving us insane, because it WON’T focus. But sometimes the camera agrees with us, and we get a photo. Thank you!)

Top – 2 Pelargoniums, Bulbine, yellow Tecomaria, Lichen after rain, Pickerel weed
Centre – Dianthus, 3 Pelargoniums, blue sage, Ruttyspolia, Dimorphotheca jucunda
Bottom – yellow – Bietou = Chrysanthemoides monilifera, Kalanchoe

One of the miniatures is doing an – I’m not resting, I’m dead. Will need replacing. I will be posting less often for the next week or two. Busy in the garden.
(Edited away from LiveWriter January 2014)

Photos by Jurg and Diana,
and words by Diana of Elephant's Eye


  1. Dear Diana, Your collages are so attractive and such a good way of seeing many blooms together. How nice to be able to spend time outside in the garden. Enjoy yourself, and do not work too hard!

  2. Gorgeous collage - I also struggle with the macro shots on a fairly low end camera - the occasional pretty one makes the effort worthwhile!

  3. Hello Diana! I can relate to roses getting a bit sunburt, I had some beautiful blooms out this week that just shrivelled up. Never mind, it does not happen often!
    I'm going to look out to see if we have Burning Sky here - it looks to be a real beauty!

  4. Lovely collages! You have a beautiful variety for February! Your seasons are backwards from us, aren't they? It sounds like you have my very camera! I got a new one last Christmas after my (great) old one was ruined in a hot car. It took me six months to discover that MACRO would never, ever work, but that if I held the "flower" button down for several seconds, SUPERMACRO would come on and take a fine picture. What a pain! So much for point-and-shoot!

  5. What a wonderful array of blooms! Unfortunately, except for a few weeds, I have to be content for now with just daffodil blooms. Spring isn't quite in full swing yet here.

  6. Beautiful collection of blooms! I hope you have a great weekend!

  7. Gippsland - if you clickthru to the Ludwig's Roses site, you will get more info about Burning Sky.

    Floridagirl - I suspect our camera was also cooked in a hot car.

  8. The top collage is like an embroidered cushion. The second like a book cover.

    I think there is likely to be quite a dip in garden blogging over the next weeks as people get busier.



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