23 November, 2009

Mediterranean Sun Circle

The Ungardener likes the African sun. Despite warnings from the dermatologist. So he wants somewhere to sit and lie in the sun. This bit of garden still needed developing. The wall faces North which makes it a sun trap. From there you look onto the Karoo Koppie with our succulents. And across to Ungardening Pond. A wide view across the full length and width of the garden, but without the mountain view. Started in September, while the garden was still green.

Thru October, he and Carlo laid out the last of the paths, with their brick edging, while the clay soil was still moist enough to dig! Then covered the path with a deep layer of crunchy gravel.

On the right you will see an elderly apple tree. Chopped down and dug out. Then replaced with a lemon tree. We also planted two orange trees on the left. A Mediterranean atmosphere needs citrus trees. And the orange blossom smelt delectable. We now have TINY oranges.

In November we bought a ‘York stone’ circle, made of concrete, but with a satisfyingly textured surface.

Finally planted with exotic (non South African) volunteers from the rest of the garden. Dusty Millers that were smothering the transplanted roses, and taking over the raised planters in the shade of the ash trees. A few lavenders, that had been scattered around. Some rooted cuttings of a salvia with raspberry red flowers, for some colour. And oreganum that had come up between the brick paving at the washing line.

We’ll see at the end of the summer if anything, except the three citrus trees, survives. And next March, April, May, with the winter rain, we will fill in the gaps with fragrant Mediterranean herbs.


  1. Having added a PS about comments ... NOW it works!

  2. Diana, What a lovely place to sit that will be. I really admire your stone circle. I hope your Ungardener finds a sunscreen that he likes... that's the secret behind getting people to use it.

    About your note re: comments -- clicking your links just takes me to a page with a Diana-themed header and nothing beneath. Is that what you want people to see?

  3. Hardscape just makes a garden look special. Very nice addition.

  4. Hi Diana~~ I'm going to try to post a comment. I hope it works. Again, I love your Med-Sun-Circle.

  5. Helen - 'nothing' was Stuart who hijacked my post, and posted it on, in the course of his revamping of the navigation. Looking forward to Blotanical 2G! Today this post is where it should be at Blotanical.
    Tx Grace, your comment is here.
    Nell Jean - I am supposed to be blogging out there now. But I am more of a vampire in the shade like Teza!

  6. I LOVE your stone circle. I haven't been reading your blog that long, but assume the Ungardener is your husband. If so, I have an Ungardener, too! His biggest ambition in the garden is to keep the lawn in shape (involves technical things like mower), and that's fine, and he also likes to lie in the sun. But is also handy and willing about things like laying paths and lugging around gravel. I think I could entice him with such a circle.

  7. Barbara - I rest my case in pieces. Ungardening is everything which doesn't involve plants. Like landscaping and hardscaping, without which there wouldn't BE a garden.

  8. Diana, As someone whose favorite garden activity is lounging around enjoying the garden, I must say that this looks like a wonderful place to do it. And maybe the ungardener will heed his dermatologist's advice and make use of the umbrella. -Jean


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