(In 2014 - I'm editing posts. Teasing apart the photos that will stay here as part of the story of Elephant's Eye garden - and will be moving the still useful blogging posts to Elephant's Eye on False Bay)

2011   -   We have Google+ at Spirulino's that is Google Plus.

2012   -   Preparing blog photos and Picasa free storage limits.


Sad to say goodbye to my Elephant's Eye mountain avatar, but Google Authorship is calling!

Darling buds of May illustrate the blog's home page luring you to read, just one more post!

Google Plus Profile on blogs and Authorship on photos Do you use your G+ profile when commenting on blogs? Can your readers find your blog?

My blogging tools in 2013 Or, Crossing our bridges as we come to them.


Five years of learning how to blog. Fifth Blogaversary in June

Words by Diana of Elephant's Eye

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  1. Diana, I'm still here! I joined Blotanical 5 days earlier than you but now your are already so much faster than me. You have made great strides in Blotanical and also in Blogger. I like your Blogger and Blotanical updates.

    It's funny, I can't see the date for your blog post today. Also, I miss your large header of the Elephant Eye mountains. This one is a bit narrow and doesn't do justice to its beauty and mystique.

  2. oops, I forgot this is a 'Page', hence no post dates. See the point? I'm still slower than you ;>)

  3. I like blogs to load fast. I don't like to wait for pictures to load. And I especially don't like to, wait, for a header, to load, when I have come to a familiar blog to read the latest post.

  4. There are more pictures on the Why Elephant's Eye Page.

  5. Obviously I'm not a dyed-in-the-wool blogger because most of the above is quite confusing to me. I just like to write and share about living in the WUI where I live, and when I can I read other people's blogs but not as often as I'd like to I guess. I keep thinking that sometime I'll get more active in all the blogger's world stuff, but then other times I think - it's just not me. I'm moderately introverted in real life and I guess that carries over into the blogging life. I'll read this post over again to figure out some of what I'm missing out on!


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